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Script/Story Analysis


Units: 6


This course is aimed at gaining a better understanding of the creative process in both film and television as it relates to story and script analysis. Topics will include character development; dramatic tone, styles, genres, the adaptability of source material into scripts and the creative process from the point of view of the writer.  Further emphasis will be given to generating ideas and concepts; networking and readers.

This is a class that examines how writing shapes the entertainment industry and how story is essential in sustaining TV, Film and digital media as an art form.  Story will be the key to what we study in class.  At times student assignments will be shared with others in the class. This may include reading aloud from selections or seeing the writing of others.  This is done with the expectation that all in class respect and honor the work of others.  It is not important that some may have more experience than others.  The quality of the work is secondary to the experience of creating.  All involved in the class should have the expectation that their work will be shared and examined so that all can grow from the experience.


Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze story logic and structure by looking at the works from Aristotle to Vogler.
  • Gain experience in preparing pitches, script coverage as you learn to identify strengths and weaknesses of literary material
  • Develop effective ways to pitch and hone presentation skills
  • Recognize the viability of source material and how to adjust story based on development notes
  • Examine the roles of the writer/ development executive within the production food chain.
  • Provide historical reference to the role of the writer