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Digital Transformation


Units: 6


This course serves as the capstone course for the MISM program. As a capstone, the goal is to integrate technological and managerial aspects of information technology. Information and communication technologies play multiple roles within businesses, organizations, industries, and societies:

  • From a technological perspective, they define the information and communication infrastructure of the entity and they enable new ways to digitize processes.
  • From a managerial perspective, they facilitate new coordination and communication processes within and across entities, enable new organizational forms, change the information environment underlying the business, and permit new incentive and monitoring structures. 


Learning Outcomes

Successful efforts at digitization must keep both technological and managerial perspectives in mind. Using a mix of managerial theory and case analysis, this course will study how the deployment of information technology changes interactions and processes within organizations, across organizations, within industries, and across society.

Given this environment, the course has the following key learning objectives:

  • Enable students to evaluate the likely impact of future IT innovations on firms and industries.
  • Identify key drivers of technology’s impact on the business ecosystem.
  • Formulate appropriate frameworks to categorize technological innovation and its impact along a variety of metrics including competitive environment, business model disruption, and supply chain structure.
  • Develop business communication skills to effectively communicate recommendations in both written and spoken forms.

Prerequisites Description

Last semester MISM or with faculty permission.