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Public Interest Technology Week @ CMU

Monday, September 30th, HBH 1005, 12PM-1PM

Careers in Tech for Social Good

Smita Satiani, Head of Innovation Policy for X (Formerly GoogleX)'s Free Space Optics Project

Join Smita for a lunchtime talk on how to build a career at the intersection of public policy, technology and social good.

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Tuesday, October 1st, HBH 1002, 12PM-1PM

Moonshot Thinking Workshop for Sustainability

Smita Satiani, Head of Innovation Policy for X (Formerly GoogleX)'s Free Space Optics Project

Join Smita for a hands-on moonshot thinking workshop on public policy, climate change and sustainability. Learn some of the mindsets and approaches that helped create breakthrough technologies like internet beaming balloons and self-driving cars. This talk is an opportunity to flex your creativity and imagine new ways to use public policy to improve the health of our planet.

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Wednesday, October 2nd, HBH 1007, 6PM-7:20PM

Navigating and Working with U.S. Census Data

Students Using Data for Social Good (SUDS)

Are you planning to do any socioeconomic, demographic, or health research? Then chances are you could use U.S. Census data! This session, led my Maxwell Kennady, MSPPM-DA and Assistant Director of Students Using Data for Social Good (SUDS), will show users how to navigate the many layers of U.S. Census data. Topics including finding data on American FactFinder and the new and tips for exploration and analysis.

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Thursday, Oct. 3rd, HBH 1206, 12PM-1PM

NEW FACULTY SPOTLIGHT: Rayid Ghani, Distinguished Career Professor, Machine Learning Department and Heinz College

Rayid is interested in developing and using computational and data analysis/machine learning methods for solving high impact social good and public policy problems in areas such as criminal justice, education, healthcare, energy, transportation, economic development, workforce development and public safety.

In 2012 he became Chief Scientist for Barack Obama's successful presidential campaign, where he pioneered new approaches to using big data to support the campaign.  Rayid was the Founder and Director of the Center for Data Science and Public Policy at the Harris School of Public Policy at the University of Chicago.

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Friday, Oct. 4th, HBH 1204, 12PM-1PM

Deploying Dollars: Building a platform for cash transfers in partnership with low income families

Lauren Renaud (MS-DA ’17), Director of Analytics, Family Independence Initiative

Amid growing policy interest around Universal Basic Income and other direct cash transfer programs, any study or pilot program faces challenges of how to deliver funds to participants and how to collect data to measure impact. Through learning from our partner families over the past decade, Family Independence Initiative has built UpTogether, a platform for direct investment, the exchange of social capital, and strength-based data collection and evaluation. Come learn about how we build tools to support our approach toward lasting economic mobility.

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