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Working Remotely

In the event that CMU decides to close the campus and necessitate remote work, this guide will assist you in preparing for such an event. This site documents the best tools available for remote work -- these tools are supported by the University and Heinz College.

Remote Toolkits

The remote teaching toolkit is a list of tools used for remote teaching. Many of the tools are integrated into Canvas making them easy to use for faculty and students. This toolkit is intended to prepare and support you for remote teaching.

The Remote Learning Guide for Students is available on the main campus computing website  

The remote work toolkit will assist staff who need to work remotely. It contains a set of tools to extend your work office to your home office.

Equipment Location Changes

The Heinz College is required to track computing and other equipment locations. If you plan to take CMU issued technolgy or equipment home from your office, please report what euipment you are taking

If you have research data on a desktop/workstation/server that does not permit a change of location or has access control restriction, please consult your agreement and data owner before removing equipment. 



During a remote work situation, you will still need to access support. Email is the best way to ask for help since support staff will also be working remotely. Here is a short list of support contacts:

Academic Services - Heinz Academic Services Support <>

Admissions - Admissions Support <>

Career Services - Career Services Support <>

Computing Services, Educational Technology 

  • Support Hours: 9:00am to 6:00pm, Monday-Friday
    • Heinz Computing Support <>
    • 412-268-3425
    • Zoom support is aviable between 6p-7p, Monday-Friday: Call 412-268-4357
  • Appointments can be made for anytime.

Eberly Center Liaison, Teaching Support, Pedagogy - Jackie Speedy <>

Faculty Helpers

The following faculty are available to help with questions related to moving your course online.

If you would like to be added to the list of helpers, please contact Andy Wasser <>