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Remote Work Toolkit

Preparing for Remote Work

We highly recommend staff prepare for potential remote work. The following are steps you can take to prepare for remote working. 

  1. Equipment check
    • Laptop with optional built-in camera
    • Desktop with optional built-in or attached web camera
    • If you do not have a CMU assigned laptop, contact to request a laptop.
    • Note: Equipment is in limited supply so be prepared to potentially use a personal home computer until a laptop can be provided.
  2. Network check 
    • Test your home network speed and ensure you are getting the speeds advertised by your ISP.
    • Contact your local ISP if you are having connection issues.
  3. Software check
    • To save time, we recommend installing the software listed on this page before you have to use it. At a minimum, we recommend you install Zoom, Cisco Jabber, and VPN.
  4. Learning check
    • Documentation and video instructions are available for all of the product on this page. Review them before you need to use them. 
    • Play with the services to become familiar with them.
      • Setup Zoom sessions with colleagues to familiarize yourself with the options. 




  • Face-to-face Office Hours
  • Live Meetings


  • Live conference software connects one to many people in live session
  • Communication Modes: Voice, Video, Chat
  • Share desktop
  • Breakout rooms
  • Record your session
  • Virtual whiteboard


  • Schedule virtual meetings and invite meeting attendees via email address - the system will send invited attendees an email and put the meeting in their calendar.  


  • Go to Getting Started with Zoom
    • Click Launch Zoom
    • Click the Download button
    • Click the download button for your computing system
    • Double click the downloaded file to install the software
  • How to Use Zoom, consult the Getting Started Page
  • Using Zoom Directly in Canvas
    • Log into Canvas and click your course.
    • In the left sidebar, at the bottom click Settings
    • In the right pane, under “Drag items here to hide them from students” click and drag “Zoom” to the list above.
    • Click the Save button.
    • Zoom will now appear in the left side bar. Click Zoom.
    • The Zoom pane appears. You can create Zoom meetings for your class.
  • Heinz College Backgrounds for Zoom virtual Backgrounds 



If you have a CMU phone number, you can manage your phone through your computer.


  • Access your CMU phone from your computer, android device, or iOS.


  • Make and receive calls from your CMU number
  • Access voicemails
  • Chat with other CMU Cisco Jabber users
  • Set or remove forwarding from your CMU number


  • If you will not be in your office for an extended period, we recommend installing Cisco Jabber
  • Note: 911 is not supported through the Cisco Jabber client.


  • Download and Installation instructions are on the CMU website
  • Forwarding your work phone to another number:
    1. If off campus log into VPN (See below).
    2. Log into Phone Manager. Login with Andrew username and password
    3. In Left pane, select Call Forwarding.
    4. In the right pane, expand +[Your office number].
    5. Check "Forward all calls to:" then click the arrow and select new number
    6. Enter number starting with a 9 and use a 1 before area code.Example: If I was to forward to 412-555-5555, I would set the number as: 914125555555.



CMU has an extensive list of software available for download. If you need to install software (including Office) on your remote working computing, please visit the CMU Software page


Some CMU services require users to activate the CMU Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access resources like file servers and remote desktop.


  • Connects your computer to the CMU network.
  • Accessing restricted resources like remote desktop and file servers


  • Zoom, Canvas, and My Mediate do not require VPN. 




Email is the primary communication method for CMU.


  • If you do not have access to CMU email on your laptop or computer, Open a browser and go to