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Preparing for Orientation

Welcome to Carnegie Mellon University! To prepare you for our orientation events, please review this guide on working remotely.

We highly recommend students prepare for the orientation events by following these steps:

  • Get Zoom: Go to Getting Started with Zoom
    1. Click Launch Zoom
    2. Click the Download button
    3. Click the download button for your computing system
    4. Double click the downloaded file to install the software
  • Using Zoom: Log in using your Andrew ID.
  • Equipment Check
    1. Laptop with optional built-in camera (We highly recommend a web camera.)
    2. Desktop with optional built-in or attached web camera
    3. We recommend a headset with a microphone.
  • Network Check
    1. Test your home network speed and ensure you are getting the speeds advertised by your ISP.
    2. Contact your local ISP if you are having connection issues.
  • Learning check
    1. Documentation and video instructions are available for all of the product on this page. Review them before you need to use them. 
    2. Play with the services to become familiar with them.
    3. Setup Zoom sessions with peers to familiarize yourself with the options. 
  • Time Zone Check




  • Face-to-face Office Hours
  • Live Meetings
  • Classes and presentations


  • Live conference software connects one to many people in live session
  • Communication Modes: Voice, Video, Chat
  • Share desktop
  • Breakout rooms
  • Record your session
  • Virtual whiteboard


  • Schedule virtual meetings and invite meeting attendees via email address - the system will send invited attendees an email and put the meeting in their calendar.  




Email is the primary communication method for CMU.


  • If you do not have access to CMU email on your laptop or computer, Open a browser and go to