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Zoom White Boards

Whiteboard alternatives in Zoom


The following are technology options for faculty who use white boards. For techniques for white board alternatives, see the Eberly Center website:


Contact for assistance with the below information. We can setup a one-on-one session to review technology options.


Document Camera or USB Attached Camera

  1. Attach Doc Cam or USB attached camera to your PC/Mac via supplied USB cable.
    1. In Zoom, select Share while in Zoom call
      1. Select Advanced tab then select the external doc cam icon



  1. In Zoom, select Share and select iPhone/iPad option
  2. Select Screen Mirror from your iPad/iPhone
    1. If your pc is not listed reboot your iphone/ipad this will help list the pc/zoom device in the mirror screen
  3. Select the pc/zoom option your screen will automatically appear sharing
  4. Select the annotation app and use iPencil for writing/drawing



iPhone (video/whiteboard)

  1. In Zoom, select Share and select iPhone option
    1. Place iPhone on a tripod or other holding device (Contact to request a phone tripod)
    2. Select your camera icon on the iPhoone
    3. Use either camera on iPhone and move phone around to determine placement


Any Android phone camera

  1. join separately to the zoom call (Zoom App in Google Play)
  2. Turn off audio options on phone or camera
  3. Use camera as the option for writing/drawing (Contact to request a phone tripod)