Alessandro Acquisti
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My research interests lie at the overlap of information technology, society, and economics. They include, primarily, the economics and behavioral economics of privacy and information security, and privacy in online social networks. I am maintaining a page with resources on the economics of privacy. I am interested in the economic impact of privacy protection and privacy intrusions, the relations between privacy and economic rationality, and the dichotomy between expressed privacy attitudes and actual revealed behavior.

My previous research interests included the many ways the interaction and interconnection of human and artificial agents affect highly networked information economies, producing an hybrid form of capital that I call intelligent capital. They also included voter-verifiable electronic schemes for receipt-free, universally verifiable elections with write-in ballots.

A list by publication type with links to published articles and working papers is included in my CV.

Links to some of my articles together with citation records may also be found from my Google Scholar page.


Some papers are also available from my SSRN page.


Some Introductory Talks and Literature Reviews

Alessandro Acquisti, Laura Brandimarte, and George. Privacy and Human Behavior in the Age of Information. Science, 2015.

Alessandro Acquisti, Curtis Taylor, and Liad Wagman. The Economics of Privacy. Journal of Economic Literature, forthcoming.

Alessandro Acquisti. The Economics of Privacy.

Alessandro Acquisti. The Behavioral Economics of Privacy. (Based on a presentation at Google Policy Talks, 2009.)

Alessandro Acquisti. Awareness, Information, and Privacy Decision Making (Based on a presentation at the OECD Jerusalem Privacy Roundtable, 2010).

Alessandro Acquisti. Privacy, Economics, and Immediate Gratification: Why Protecting Privacy is Easy, but Selling it Is Not.(Based on a presentation at BlackHat USA, 2004.)

Alessandro Acquisti and Ralph Gross. Information Revelation and Privacy in Online Social Networks and the Facebook. (Based on a presentation at Computer, Freedom, and Privacy Conference, 2006.)

Alessandro Acquisti. "The Economics of Personal Data and the Economics of Privacy," (Preliminary draft. A shorter version was prepared for the OECD Roundtable on the Economics of Personal Data and Privacy, December 1, 2010, Paris, France.)