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Support Services

At Heinz College, we recognize the importance of community in fostering support, resilience, inclusion, and belonging. We support all members of our community as whole individuals with diverse needs and interests, as well as unique barriers and obstacles that can hinder success and well-being. This page includes links to a wide array of support services at CMU.

NOTE: This list is broadly representative of support services at CMU, but should not be considered exhaustive.

Center for Student Diversity & Inclusion

CSDI resources enhance a transformative student experience, promoting access, success, campus climate, and intergroup dialogue.

CSDI supports and connects historically underrepresented students and those who are first in their family to attend college in a setting where students’ differences and talents are appreciated and reinforced.

CSDI Website

Counseling and Psychological Services

CaPS provides a safe, confidential environment for students to talk about personal and academic concerns.

All students currently enrolled at the Pittsburgh campus are eligible for services at CaPS at no additional cost to them. All services are confidential.

CaPS Website

Equity, Inclusion & Mental Health

Curated resources from Counseling & Psychological Services (CaPS) attending to the intersections of DICE and mental health.

Resources include identity-based, culturally responsive therapists and resources for addressing racial trauma

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Disability Resources

Disability Resources provide vibrant and accessible resources on disability issues for all members of the CMU community.

Disability Resources provides providing physical, digital and programmatic campus access to all events and information within the Carnegie Mellon community for students and visitors to our campus.

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Office of Title IX Initiatives

The Title IX Office promotes gender equity at CMU, including prevention and response to all forms of gender discrimination.

The Title IX Office coordinates effective response to sexual misconduct impacting community members, including sexual assault, sexual exploitation, sexual harassment, dating and domestic violence, and stalking.

Title IX Website

Bias Reporting & Response

Bias incidents, whether intentional or unintentional, contribute to creating an unwelcoming environment for individuals and groups at CMU.

Bias reporting is an important way to create a safer and more inclusive environment such that all members can achieve their potential.

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Religious & Spiritual Life Initiative

CMU creates opportunities for spiritual and religious practice and exploration.

Programs and initiatives cross traditional religious boundaries to increase our students' knowledge of and appreciation for the full diversity of the world's religious and spiritual traditions.

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Language & Cross-Cultural Support

The Student Academic Success Center offers services to hone language and cross-cultural skills for academic and professional success.

Resources include individualized coaching and consultation, and ITA certification

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Wellness Programming at CMU

CMU offers a wide variety of resources, opportunities, and people that want to help you thrive inside and outside the classroom.

Resources for CMU students, faculty, and staff regarding wellness events, announcements, and professional and personal development.

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CMU Pantry

The CMU Pantry is committed to reducing hunger among students by providing nutritious food at no cost.

CMU Pantry serves our student community with accessible food resources promoting a healthier, balanced university experience.

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Health Education & Resources

University Health Services and Health Promotions supports the physical health and well-being of students at CMU.

Health Promotions provides programming around sleep, stress management, sexual health and relationships, and bystander intervention.

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Student Leadership Involvement & Civic Engagement (SLICE)

Graduate student involvement - on campus, in the community and the world - is crucial in fostering connection, community and belonging.

SLICE provides support, advice, mentorship, and resources promoting graduate student involvement through student organizations, leadership opportunities, civic engagement, CMU's signature traditions and events, and more.

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