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Standardized Test Scores

Please refer to your program of interest’s Admissions- How To Apply page to confirm whether GRE/ GMAT scores are required, recommended, or optional. See below for details on the reporting process if/ when you have GRE/ GMAT results to submit with your application. GRE and GRE Test at Home and GMAT and GMAT Online Exam results are acceptable.

You are required to submit valid test results from either the GRE (General Test) or the GMAT from within the last five years. The test scores must be reported directly to Heinz College by the testing service. We recommend that you take the GMAT or GRE at least one month prior to the application deadline. 

please take the following steps to report your official gre or gmat scores to heinz college

  1. Order an official score report from the testing service to be sent directly to Heinz College. Reporting codes are listed below (under "submission codes"). You may submit scores from up to two valid GRE or GMAT exam dates. We will use the highest score verified in each section if you have taken the exam more than one time in reviewing your application. For every score you wish to include with your application, you must submit the official score report(s) via the testing service. We will not accept exam scores for test dates that are not listed on the application.
  2. On your online application for admission, enter the exam date for every exam you want to report to us. Enter as much additional information as possible, including the registration number for the GRE or the exam appointment number for the GMAT. We will not verify scores for exam dates that are not listed on your application.

Submission Codes

Please instruct the testing services to send your scores to Heinz College using the following codes:


Information Systems Management (MISM): 69H-V8-50

Information Security Policy & Management (MSISPM): 69H-V8-50

Information Technology (MSIT): 69H-V8-75

Public Policy & Management (MSPPM): 69H-V8-77

Public Management (MPM): 69H-V8-59

Arts Management (MAM): 69H-V8-11

Entertainment Industry Management (MEIM): 69H-V8-41

Healthcare Policy & Management (MSHCPM): 69H-V8-06

Ph.D. Programs: 69H-V8-54


All Programs:

Institution Code: 3085 (Carnegie Mellon University - Heinz College)

Note: we may appear on the ETS website as "3085 Carnegie Mellon U Heinz Coll"

Department Code: Any department code is fine.

All scores sent to Institution Code 3085 (any department code) will be delivered electronically to CMU's Heinz College. Please do not use any other GRE institution code listed for Carnegie Mellon University. Do not have GRE scores sent to us by mail; we verify all scores electronically.

Test Preparation Resources

Check out the following websites for resources that will help you prepare for your standardized test-taking: