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Module 2: Document Review

When preparing your résumé, cover letter, and writing sample it is important to tailor each so that they are unique to the company and position being applied to. Heinz College's Career Services advisors are willing to help with any of these and can offer tips and suggestions for how to make your documents the best they can be!

It is strongly recommended that you take the time to put together a résumé, cover letter, and a writing sample if needed, to bring in for review. To get you started, your assignment for this week is to send in a draft of your résumé for review.

Like always, read through all the sections before you take the Module 2 quiz at the bottom of the page.

Section 1: Résumés

Your résumé is one of the best marketing tools you can use in finding a career, and often one of the first things a potential employer requests of you during the job or internship search process. Often, it is the employer’s first impression of you as a candidate. Your résumé should communicate information about your skills, abilities, fit within the company, and career goals. Because everyone has different skills, strengths, and experiences, there is no one exact way to write a résumé.

Résumé Essentials

Résumé Action Verbs

Use these action verbs to enhance your résumé

Action Verbs

Section 2: Cover Letters

The cover letter, much like a résumé, is a professional document designed to get you to the interview with an employer. They are usually paired with a résumé, and elaborate on referenced experiences and how they relate to the position you are interested in. Cover letters are tailored specifically to one position and for one employer. Therefore, it is recommended that you avoid sending out a general cover letter for multiple jobs.

Section 3: Writing Samples

Writing Samples are simply an example of your writing skills. A writing sample can be important for some positions and not very important for others. The writing sample requirement is most common with writing intensive jobs such as consulting, publishing, research, journalism, content development, public relations, etc.


Below, you can consult several sample résumés and cover letters. Please remember that these are simply samples and your own résumé should be personalized and unique.

Sample Résumés:






Please find the link to the module 2 quiz here.

If you have not yet completed the self-assessment survey, please do so.

Remember, once you begin the quiz, you may not restart or retake it. Additionally, please be sure to upload the most recent and updated copy of your resume. You will receive feedback on your résumé about one to two weeks after you submit it. If you have any questions, please contact