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Policy Analysis I


Units: 12


This class aims to survey the broad field of public policy as both an academic discipline and as a field of practice. The curriculum covers in a systematic way the main dimensions and understandings of public policy making. Core frameworks for public policy-making and the debates about them are discussed and analyzed in particular the ideas of the policy cycle the garbage-can approach and the ongoing debates about the motivational and institutional foundations of public policy. Issues and problems at the main stages or steps in the public policy-making process are also explored - from the definition of policy problems and the setting of policy agendas to the theory and practice of policy analysis to the issues surrounding the delivery implementation and evaluation of public policies.Current issues and perspectives in public policy are used throughout to illustrate the general concepts and theories. The class draws on case study material from a variety of policy areas and is concerned with how concepts and theories shape contemporary public policy practice.   

Learning Outcomes

Upon the conclusion of the course, you should be able to demonstrate the following:
- knowledge of key concepts in public policy and public management;
- ability to analyse and define problems and to advance policy agendas that would solve these problems;
- capacity to apply different approaches in formulating policy options, devising implementation strategies and conducting evaluation and adjustment of policies during implementation;
- competency in communicating analysis and findings in writing and oral settings.