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Nonprofit Statements & Analysis


Units: 6


This course will provide a firm grounding in the concepts of nonprofit accounting, with an emphasis on financial analysis, the interpretation of financial statements, annual reports, and IRS filings. By studying and discussing real-world examples and organizations, we will develop a working knowledge of non-profit accounting and financial reporting.

This course provides conceptual and quantitative exposure to the concepts of nonprofit accounting and the financial skills required of managers of not-for-profit organizations, including financial statement analysis and budgeting. Through study and discussion of cases set in private nonprofit organizations, we will gain a fundamental background in non-profit financial management.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, you should be able to:

• Apply breakeven analysis in various real world situations

• Know how and why to allocate overhead and common costs to programs, products and services, and when this is and is not appropriate

• Prepare a formula-driven budget in Excel

• Prepare flexible budgets

• Compute volume, revenue, and expense variances.

• Disaggregate revenue and cost variances into their component parts

• Use variances to help explain deficiencies and improvements in performance

• Identify the types of responsibility centers that should be set up in order to meet the strategic objectives and goals of an organization

• Prepare performance reports with the relevant information for evaluating the manager of a revenue, expense, or profit center in the organization

• Communicate your results in writing in a clear, coherent and logical style, accompanied by the appropriate financial reports

Prerequisites Description

90723, 95715, or 91804


Ability to prepare basic spreadsheets and report in Excel