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Media & Communication Design II


Units: 6


This course builds on the Media & Communication Design I class. In the Media & Communication Design II class we focused on print design, in the Media & Communication Design II class we will expand to infographic design, audio, animation and video. We will explore Adobe Illustrator to create info graphics. We will be using Adobe Audition to create a podcast, Adobe After Effects CC to create animations and Apple Final Cut Pro/Adobe Premiere to create videos. The goal of this course is produce professional materials using type, color, illustrations, images, sound, animation and video. These materials will be able to engage and influence your target audience. This course will teach a combination of media design skills and software skills. Throughout the course students will learn the skills of the following applications: • Adobe Illustrator CC • Apple Final Cut Pro • Adobe Audition • Adobe Premiere • Adobe After Effects CC. Each of the above software programs will have one project/assignment that will be completed by the student. These applications are available in the classroom as well as several public clusters. While the class offers a jump-start to these applications, students are expected to explore the higher level features on their own. Another resource is the Internet - which offers a wealth of tips and techniques for these applications.

Prerequisite: Desktop Publishing 90-801

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the class you will be able to...

• Create professional multi-media material using a variety of Adobe/Apple software.

• Be able to effectively communicate to your target audience using a variety of mutli-media programs.

• Become familiar with media design principles.

• Become familiar with graphic design/multi-media terminology.

• Be able to effectively communicate with clients, design firms and media content professionals.

Prerequisites Description

90801 - Media and Communications Design I