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Change Management for Innovation


Units: 6


How do companies avoid going the way of Kodak, Nokia, Blockbuster and Borders? In each of these cases, the companies enjoyed early success and grew quickly to positions of market dominance. But that growth came at a cost – they became overly focused on the internal control systems required to manage growth while seeking to shape their market to perpetuate their dominance. All in cases, they were failed to detect fundamental shifts in both competitor behaviours and market preferences. These shifts were driven by changes in technology.

Today there is a different set of dominant players that are very aware of the reasons for the failure of their predecessors. How are they looking to avoid going the same way? This is a new course which looks at strategies being used by companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Google/Android and Apple to grow their businesses in ways which do not rely on control but on the two constants for success – change and continuous innovation.

Particular attention is paid to two critical success factors – leadership and knowledge management. The course focusses largely on case studies, looking at them through some theoretical lenses.

Learning Outcomes

Students completing this course will be able to:

  • Understand the main theories of competitive business strategy, particularly change management theory
  • Analyze how transformational strategies are employed by the world’s leading innovation companies
  • Evaluate the change management strategies of specific organizations focusing especially on the strategies technology companies
  • Identify practical opportunities for successful use of change management techniques in organizations with which they are personally familiar
  • Identify and understand the leadership requirements for successful implementation of change management processes

Prerequisites Description