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Leading in a Lean and Six Sigma World


Units: 6


This course provides participants with an understanding of the principles and methods associated with leading in a Lean and Six Sigma world.  The skills and tools associated with Lean and Six Sigma to reduce cost and drive customer and employee engagement are a key component of the course.  Students will have the opportunity to learn and experiment with the Lean and Six Sigma methods along with the leadership skills associated with customer and employee and engagement, product and service quality, while formulating personal approaches to their application in the work environment.

No prior familiarity with the theory or practice of Lean and Six Sigma, customer and employee engagement or quality management/improvement are required as a prerequisite for this course; students who have been exposed to these principles and practices will benefit from the opportunity to place these experiences into an integrated context.  The course is designed to be intellectually stimulating and professionally useful for students at any phase of their career development.

Learning Outcomes

The attached syllabus reviews the overall approach to the educational dynamic of this course; it is designed to be highly interactive, with substantial student engagement in and out of the classroom.

Learning objectives have been established for each class session.  Students should be familiar with these expectations and guide their personal preparation efforts to achieve those objectives.

Reading assignments are specified for each class meeting, with the assumption that students will have read the materials and be prepared to critically analyze them in class, as well as to apply the principles in practical exercises. Students are encouraged to contribute suggestions concerning relevant readings during the conduct of the course.

Prerequisites Description