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Conflict Resolution


Units: 6


Conflict Resolution is NEVER a set of techniques. The goal of this course is to grow in your understanding of conflict and your skill in dealing with it. We have all been touched by conflict in some way; our past experiences become the basis for the many personal ways in which we think and feel about conflict. Our approach to conflict, in turn, determines our behaviors and responses in conflict situations. .

Learning Outcomes

Be able to discuss and compare the key theories of conflict

Be able to describe and discuss your own and others’ conflict styles

Be able to identify the sources and dynamics of conflict in dyads and in groups

Be able to describe and discuss how differences in personalities, gender roles, generational differences and cultural expectations can contribute to conflict.

Develop awareness of factors that contribute to intercultural conflict.

Be able to discuss how emotions and intellect interact in conflict situations.

Be able to demonstrate new skills for resolving personal and professional conflict

Prerequisites Description