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Business of Gaming


Units: 4


This four-week class will focus on the business aspects that relate to the gaming industry. This industry has grown quickly in the last 25 years to overtake theatrical motion pictures as a leading source of commercial entertainment - in content development, distribution and the licensing of its IP. The course will focus on the ways in which its creative and business practices are both unique, and also share common characteristics with other forms of screen-based entertainment.

Learning Outcomes

Speak literately regarding exploitation of intellectual property to and from the game business. - List and describe the production and distribution pipelines relevant to a game project. - Understand the use of games to engage, leverage and extend the consumer's relationship with intellectual property. - Look at the commercial potential of Intellectual Property migration between games and film as well the game industry's role in platform agnostic content. - Consider gaming influence on other media arts - Develop an appropriate gaming vocabulary - Discover effective ways to examine business policy and practices at gaming companies