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Music Supervision


Units: 3


The course defines the role of the music supervisor, who draws on combined resources of the film and music communities to marry music and moving images. The course is intended to lead students to a better understanding and appreciation of the use of music in the filmmaking process. Lectures, assignments, presentations and discussions with guest speakers present the principles and procedures of music supervision.

Learning Outcomes

- Investigate the power of music as it relates to the moving image and storytelling. - Recognize when a particular piece or style of music enhances the emotional resonance of a scene and the subjectivity of same. - Identify the contrasting (often argumentative) agendas and needs of the different personnel in involved with the filmmaking and music process, ie. Director, Producer, Film Company, Record Company, Editor, etc. - Understand how to establish the artistic vision and figure out how music can help tell the best story possible. - Navigate the politics of making a film and its relationship to the music, ie. Time, budget and resource constraints - Gain understanding of the life line of a music supervisor (from hire to preproduction to production to post production) - Be mindful of legally binding agreements to protect all parties involved. Know enough to know what you don't know and who to ask.