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Navigating the Practical Realities of the Film Industry


Units: 3


The course will be an in-depth analysis of the entertainment industry specifically the movie business. The class will highlight the representation (agents managers lawyers etc) of the talent the packaging of talent into films and the processing of these films through the studio system. The class will indoctrinate participants into the language and dynamics of the industry through the eyes of an insider to help prepare students for the practical realities of entering building and sustaining a career in the entertainment field. In other words this class focuses on examining the basic 'nuts and bolts' of the industry.

Learning Outcomes

- Gain an overview of the entertainment industry. - Scrutinize the "game-board" of Hollywood: objectives, players, language and rhythms of the movie business. - Analyze and understand the agency business (touching on managers, lawyers, publicists) - Examine the studio system, the production companies and the producers - Gather and apply practical information vital for having a career in the entertainment industry today