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Acting for Management


Units: 6


Actors use "tools" (voice, body, focus, intention) to convey emotion and connect authentically audiences.  Acting for Management will help you utilize the actor's tools to become a more powerful and persuasive presenter, to feel more confident when communicating with others, to understand yourself and your audience and to show the world the best and most authentic version of you.  Through in-class exercises, scene work and discussion, you will practice the craft of acting and learn how it can enhance your abilities as a person, manager and leader.

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this class, you should:

-    Be able to define your strengths as a presenter and areas for continued work
-    Use the actor's tools to enhance your interaction with others, your performances and presentations
-    Exhibit increased confidence in performing and presenting
-    See an increase in your willingness to be spontaneous and take risks
-    Be able to give supportive and encouraging feedback

Prerequisites Description