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Multi-Modal Communication and Research


Units: 6


Centering work at the intersections of arts, management and technology, this course is designed in a ‘studio model’ in which students gain an understanding of how technology is shaping arts and entertainment enterprises across the globe while simultaneously experimenting with how to share that knowledge digitally. Students learn the tools and techniques for conducting professional research. But they also learn how to share their research via emerging digital content pathways – standard online articles, infographics, podcasts and visual interactives.  Research findings are intended for publication on the Arts Management and Technology research platform, curated by a student-led team to serve professionals working in the field.


This class is designed to provide a breadth of skills that will serve emerging professionals in the fields of research, communication, or institutional development. With a focus on digital modes of communication, young professionals leave the course with effective skills to communicate ideas to peers, supervisors or customers. Current and future leaders need to understand how to evaluate or conduct research emerging opportunities in order to make effective decisions.


Adopting a studio model, students will spend time prior to class meetings gaining an understanding of theories and approaches to research and digital communication.  In class, students will work together to synthesize the theories and put them into practice, from creating an evidenced based infographic to scripting and recording a podcast episode.


Each student will work on a semester long, independent, research project at the intersection of arts management and technology.  A list of potential, but not prescribed research topics  are provided at the beginning of the semester and all assignments scaffold from inception to final product.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Refine non-fiction multi-modal communication skills – both style and mechanics
  2. Gain skills for distribution pathways in content curation for the web in written, audio, and visual storytelling formats
  3. Generate content for their professional portfolio
  4. Gain skills in locating and using diverse and reliable research materials to support a planned research project
  5. Deepen evaluation skills in digital literacy

Prerequisites Description

94702, 94701, 90717, 93717, 91717, or 95717