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Course Exemption Information

We encourage students to apply for exemption of a required course if you have already acquired most of the skills taught in that course outside of the particular program of study. If you exempt a course, you must replace it with another. You will not be granted an exemption from a project course requirement (i.e. Systems Synthesis or Capstone).

How can you earn an exemption?

To receive an exemption, you must either take a qualifying exam or petition a specified faculty or staff member. Exemption exams are given prior to the start of the Fall semester only. You will be notified of the exemption exams that will be offered during orientation and procedures for those exams.

For courses that do not use an exam, you may petition an exemption using this form, which requires you to attach an official course description or syllabus from the prior course(s) you took, (including the professor's name, textbooks used, and particular chapters covered) as well as a copy of your official transcript showing the grade you received for the course. This form will be sent electronically to a specified faculty or staff member. They will determine if you have mastered the skills which the course is intended to teach. Mastery does not mean that you're familiar with all of the material taught in the course, but rather you know enough that your time would be more productively spent pursuing alternate coursework. If your petition is granted, you may need to learn some particular skills taught in the exempted course on your own time. Also note that we very rarely grants exemptions based on work experience.  No units will be awarded for courses that are exempted.

Course Exemption Form (online)

Course Exemption Form (PDF) - if using this version of the form, please check with your program office or Academic Services if you have questions about who has the exemption authority for your degree program's requirement.