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Raj Rajkumar

Raj Rajkumar

George Westinghouse Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

My research interests lie in all aspects of embedded real-time systems and wireless/sensor networks.

In the domain of embedded real-time systems, my interests include but are not limited to operating systems, scheduling theory, resource management, wired/wireless networking protocols, quality of service management, hardware/software architecture, model-based design tools and power management. In the context of wireless/sensor networks, my research interests span hardware, devices, power-efficient networking protocols, run-time environments, large-scale system architectures, visualization and administrative tools.

A primary focus of my research is to build practical and functioning systems which can be analyzed/proved to be correct (in terms of timeliness, jitter, power efficiency, quality of service metrics, etc.). (If you are a practitioner, and you consider analyzable/provable and functioning systems as an oxymoron, I fully understand where you come from - let's talk!)

I was one of the principal contributors to Rate-Monotonic Analysis (RMA) (also see What Happened on Mars). RMA is supported by an impressive list of standards including POSIX Real-Time Extensions (IEEE 1003.1), the Real-Time Specification for Java, Real-Time UML (UML 2.0), Real-Time CORBA (CORBA 2.0), Ada 95, Ada 83, and automotive standards like OSEK and CANbus. I was the principal architect of tools like TimeWiz (from TimeSys), which supported schedulability analysis. I was the primary founder of TimeSys along with two other co-founders. (The company founded in 1996 now focuses on embedded Linux with an added emphasis on real-time features - thanks to my group's work on real-time extensions such as Linux/RK).

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