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Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz College Announces New Chief Data and Artificial Intelligence Officer Certificate Program

Logo for chief data and artificial intelligence officer certificate programCarnegie Mellon University today announced a new Chief Data and Artificial Intelligence Officer (CDAIO) certificate program. Launching in August, the program will provide students with critical insights, management techniques, analytical capabilities, and emerging AI knowledge for a new generation of CDAIOs.

“Carnegie Mellon has led the world in AI education and innovation for decades,” says Ramayya Krishnan, dean of Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy. “Our CDAIO curriculum builds on this foundation to give data and AI leaders the tools to not only harness this rapidly expanding technology, but immediately apply their knowledge in their careers.”

Artificial intelligence has the potential to enhance many aspects of our lives, from diagnosing and treating diseases to creating technology that can enhance the way businesses operate. New data-centric technologies (e.g. AI, machine learning) are fundamentally disrupting companies and industries at a faster rate than ever before, making it essential that data and AI domain leaders are proficient in both data management and AI enablement best practices.

Carnegie Mellon’s CDAIO program blends on-campus sessions with synchronous distance learning. In addition to grounding students in the foundational knowledge needed to understand the vast landscape of AI, the program will address the ways in which AI–including the proliferation of large language models and generative AI programs like ChatGPT–are already impacting every area of our lives, both professional and personal.

Dr. David Steier, lead faculty member for the program, added, "I am thrilled to be part of this exciting initiative. The Chief Data and AI Officer Certificate Program reflects our commitment to excellence in executive education and our dedication to preparing professionals for success in the digital age. Through a combination of expert-led instruction, real-world case studies, and practical exercises, participants will develop the strategic mindset and technical expertise needed to lead data and AI initiatives within their organizations."

"As a former Chief Data and AI Officer, I understand the critical role that data and AI play in driving business transformation and competitive advantage," said Dr. Inderpal Bhandari, the chair of the board of advisors for the program and program faculty member. "I am excited to see CMU, my alma mater, launching the Chief Data and AI Officer Certificate Program, which will undoubtedly contribute to developing the next generation of leaders in this field. This program will provide professionals with the knowledge, skills, and insights necessary to navigate the complexities of data and AI leadership successfully."

Among the areas covered by the program are the strategic implications of AI for business value creation, the economic transformation driven by AI technologies, AI as a driver of competitive advantage, and governance structures that not only manage AI risks but also cultivate trust between AI systems and the people who interact with them. In addition, the program will address the complexities of responsible AI use, including a focus on AI’s potential for both benefit and harm, as well as important issues like bias, fairness, transparency, security, privacy, and accountability.

“Our program draws together faculty with a broad range of experience in AI and related fields,” notes Krishnan. “Students enrolled in the CDAIO program will have the opportunity to harness this expertise and develop a deep understanding of the enormous potential of AI to transform our world.”

The new CDAIO program features the following curriculum modules:

  • AI foundations and applications (Demystifying AI)
  • AI Strategy (value creation) and governance
  • Developing scalable AI systems (AI architecture and infrastructure)
  • Deploying and monitoring AI systems (ML/AI ops)
  • Responsible AI governance: Policy and implementation
  • Generative AI and LLM application
  • Data and AI cybersecurity and risk management + data privacy
  • Enterprise data management foundations
  • Enterprise data strategy and governance
  • Data and analytics maturity: From foundations to leading-edge practices
  • Data engineering: Infrastructure and technology
  • Modern analytics for business intelligence
  • Data ops
  • Data monetization: The practice of infonomics
  • Developing data products and the business of data
  • Applied data science and machine learning: Managing projects
  • Structuring and operating the CDAIO organization
  • CDAIO leadership and communication best practices
For more information, or to apply to the program, please visit the CDAIO Certificate webpage.


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