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Learn the tools to make smart data-driven decisions. Gain skills to enact them.

Decision Analytics and Systems

Students in any undergraduate major at Carnegie Mellon University can elect the Minor in Decision Analytics and Systems (DAS), building along the way a robust interdisciplinary toolkit that draws on computer science, economics, statistics, operations research, machine learning, and information systems. You will also learn how to apply this toolkit to consequential societal problems!

Heinz College offers the undergraduate Minor in Decision Analytics and Systems (DAS), providing you with the opportunity to add systems thinking and evidence-based problem solving to any field of study.

Data is a means to an end—creating value for people and society. But before data can create value, there comes a critical decision point. DAS prepares you to be the one who makes that decision, navigating the process from end to end: from identifying a current decision point and the problem it could solve, to determining the right decision and its potential value, and finally communicating that value and putting the decision into action.

Using Heinz College’s deep expertise in analytics, public policy and information systems as a launchpad, the DAS minor features gamechanging experiential courses that ground DAS strategies in real world application, so you can see the social impacts of this work firsthand.

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Below is one possible schedule for the DAS minor. Actual schedules may vary based on course availability and other factors.

Year Two - Fall Semester
  • Introduction to DAS
  • Optimization for DAS
Year Two - Spring Semester
  • Simulation for DAS
  • Applied Econometrics for DAS
Year Three - Fall Semester
  • Critical Analysis of Policy Research
Year Three - Spring Semester
  • Machine Learning for Public Policy Lab
Experiential learning with industry partners

The DAS minor's co-op model allows students to partner with innovative companies and organizations and apply their coursework to the real world. These partners will influence the curriculum, ensuring that the courses remain current and help students address society's greatest challenges, including education, healthcare, energy and the environment. Students will engage with companies or organizations such as UPMC, the Department of Homeland Security, Accenture and McKinsey on projects, speaker series and internships.

collaboration between students and industry partners
  • Semester-long co-ops
  • Studio project engagement
  • Scopeathon: 2022, 2023
  • Capstone Projects
  • Internships
  • Speaker series and guest lectures


Industry partner co-sponsored talks
  • How to Become Enterprise-Ready for Gen AI?
    Jimmy Priestas and Tyler Buffie, Accenture 
    December 13, 2023
  • Lessons Learned from Real-World Analytics Transformations
    Sahil Jain and Jeris Studland, McKinsey & Company
    May 2, 2023
  • Systems Thinking & Decision Making: Dynamic and Resilient Strategy
    Dr. Anand Rao, PwC
    December 7, 2022