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Visualizations (AESOP)

All visualizations created using Tableau, and displayed via Tableau Public. If results appear truncated, click the "Full Screen Mode" button in the bottom left corner. You may embed or share the link to the visualization by clicking the share button. For certain visualizations, you can download the Tableau workbook, or download a .pdf.

Voting Laws in Pennsylvania

A rundown of recent changes in state voting law in the keystone state.

Voter Registration and Voting in Pennsylvania: Policy and Changes 1996 to Present

Voter Registration in Pennsylvania 1996-2016

A series of visualizations of trends in voter registration by at the state and county level, and by party

Twenty Years of Voter Registration for Presidential Elections in Pennsylvania: 1996 to 2016

County Trends in Voter Registration by Party for Presidential Elections in Pennsylvania: 1996 to 2016

Visualizations (forthcoming)

The Trump Effect: Visualizations of Presidential Voting in Pennsylvania, 1996-2016

A series of striking visualizations that put President Trump's victory margin into context with past elections in the Keystone State. For best results, use the link to Tableau Public below. Two .pdfs are also available.

Votes for President by Pennsylvania County, 1996-2016

Related 24"x36" .pdf posters: State Map, Bubble Chart

Post Gazette coverage: The Deeper Reds and Blues of PA's Political Landscape, April 13, 2017

Job Recovery by Pennsylvania County, 2007-2016

Which counties have recovered the number the number of jobs they had before the Great Recession, which have not, and which are still on the skids?  We use data from the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages to find out.

Job Recovery by PA County (visualizations)

Accompanying report: Job Recovery by Pennsylvania County, 2007-2016

The Uber Effect: Visualizations of Ridesharing's Rollout in Pennsylvania, 2009-2015

These are the original data and charts behind our recent report on ridesharing in PA.

The Uber Effect (original report)

State level ridesharing charts, 2009-2015

County level ridesharing charts, 2009-2015

Post Gazette coverage: Laboring One Gig at a Time, Technology is Changing the Future of Pittsburgh Workers, September 6, 2017

Sector Share of Wages by County in Pennsylvania, 1995-2015

24"x36" .pdf poster: Sector Share of Wages by County in Pennsylvania, 1995-2015

A look at where earnings came from by industry sector for each county in Pennsylvania, for six selected years from 1995 to 2015.

About the Annual Economic and Social Observatory of Pennsylvania (AESOP)