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KrackPlot Software (A Social Network Visualization Program)


KrackPlot is a program for network visualization designed for social network analysts. This page provides a brief tutorial for KrackPlot and contact addresses. For more information, have a look at the manual, which can be downloaded in Mircosoft Word format, by clicking here.

You can also download your own copy of the KrackPlot software for your own personal use by clicking here.

Running KrackPlot

KrackPlot uses a simple screen-oriented interface. You can drag nodes with the mouse to move them and click to add new nodes. Each node can be assigned a number of attributes, which can be highlighted using color and shape. KrackPlot will assign colors and shapes automatically based on the attributes, or you can control them.

KrackPlot includes several tools for automatic layout of the network, including algorithms based on multi-dimensional scaling and simulated annealing as well as circular layouts.

Input to KrackPlot

UCINET can output graphs that KrackPlot can read directly, making it easy to visualize graphs developed within UCINET. As well as its own graph format, KrackPlot can read and write CGO format, for communicating with Mathematica.

Output from KrackPlot

KrackPlot can now produce output in GIF form. KrackPlot can also produce output in postscript or HPGL form. In each form, KrackPlot can produce color or black and white output. Ghostscript is a free program that can render postscript files with high resolution on almost any printer or screen, or convert it to several graphics file formats. You can download a copy of Ghostscript by clicking here.