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Use AI and data to rethink what's possible in government services.

Public Interest Technology Certificate (PITC)

Data Management. Digital Innovation. AI Leadership. Carnegie Mellon University's Heinz College will equip you with all three to create a more efficient, transparent, and inclusive government.

PITC sealThe digital revolution is about far more than business value. Analytics and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence are being used to identify and solve social problems, improve government services and policies, and help public agencies innovate to better understand, connect with, and serve their constituent communities.

Carnegie Mellon University is a defining leader in the field of Public Interest Technology (PIT). Through an interdisciplinary curriculum taught by our renowned faculty and PIT practitioners, we empower the next generation of civic leaders across all areas of government to pursue evidence-based action, powered by AI. No prior technical training required.

This six-month program—delivered via live, synchronous distance learning to enable deeper conversations and connections within your cohort—provides you with three component certificates, tailored for the public sector: Data Management, Digital Innovation, and AI Leadership. With these distinct skillsets combined, you will leave the program ready to lead transformation in your agency.

The final module for each of the three certificates will be a hands-on, collaborative workshop focused on applying the methods and tools covered in that section to a real societal problem.

We are pleased to offer the PITC to government leaders to help them gain expertise in data management, digital innovation, and AI leadership. The Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act mandates federal agency data be accessible and requires agencies to develop statistical evidence to support policymaking. The PITC program will empower government leaders to improve their agencies and better serve constituents while also fulfilling this mandate. Jacqueline Speedy, Associate Dean, School of Public Policy and Management at Heinz College

PITC Program Information

Applications are currently being accepted for Cohort 2.


The curriculum is divided into three component certificates. Each component consists of four class modules and lasts approximately two months.

Completion of all three components will earn the student the Public Interest Technology Certificate of Program Completion.

Data Management Certificate Modules

Learn the methods and analytical approaches to evidence-based decision making.

Digital Innovation Certificate Modules

Make data and technology decisions with a focus on innovation and effective change management.

AI Leadership Certificate Modules

Understand opportunities to utilize data science and artificial intelligence, as well as risks and ethical considerations when applying algorithms and automation, in order to inspire trust and confidence in constituents.

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Graduates of the Public Interest Technology Certificate Program will have access to new PITC Program modules created in the future, providing you with continuing education after the program ends. Approval is required.

Please note: This benefit does not extend to future CIO, CISO, CRO, CDataO, or CDigitalO program modules, unless the student is also a graduate of those programs.


Students who complete the PITC Program and who subsequently apply for and are admitted into the Heinz College MSIT Degree Program are eligible for a tuition discount scholarship. Tuition that has been paid for completing any or all of the Heinz College Executive Education certificate programs (up to $40,000) by the individual student or their sponsor/employer will be matched with a tuition discount from the MSIT program—reducing the cost to complete the MSIT degree by up to $40,000.

In order to be considered, applicants to the MSIT program should indicate their enrollment status with the PITC, CIO, CISO, CRO, CDataO and/or CDigitalO certificate program(s) on the Application for Admission.

Please note: The tuition discount is only available once a student has completed all of the certificate program’s requirements. Completion of a certificate program does not guarantee admission to the MSIT program.