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Faculty Experts

To speak with any of these experts, please contact Caitlin Kizielewicz at 412-554-0074 or

Arts Management

Brett CrawfordBrett Crawford, Assistant Teaching Professor of Arts Management
Arts management
Theatre history
Arts Marketing
Theatre management
Diversity and inclusion
Audience development
Technology and the arts
Women producers and managers
Production management

Crime and Drug Policy

Al Blumstein

Al Blumstein, University Professor of Urban Systems and Operations Research, Emeritus

Crime rates
Crime measurement
Criminal careers
Criminal justice policy
Criminal records and redemption
Prison populations
Drug markets
Jonathan Caulkins

Jonathan Caulkins, University Professor of Operations Research and Public Policy

Substance abuse policy
Illegal markets
Marijuana legalization
Brand and reputation management
Data & monitoring systems
Dynamic optimal control
Public policy
Daniel Nagin

Daniel Nagin, University Professor of Public Policy and Statistics

Prison populations and recidivism
Death penalty
Crime and child development

Cyber Security and Data Privacy

Alessandro Acquisti

Alessandro Acquisti, Professor of Information Technology and Public Policy

Economic value of personal data and privacy
Social media and online disclosures
Data breaches
Digital discrimination
Behavior economics of privacy
Paradox of privacy
Beliefs of privacy and disclosure
Predictability of SSN
Facial recognition
Gregory Touhill

Gregory Touhill, Adjunct Professor

Cyber security and IT
International relations
Cyber risk
Government information
Leadership and management
Information systems
Randall Trzeciak

Randall Trzeciak, Adjunct Professor of Information Systems and Management

Information security management
Database management
Software engineering
Cyber security
Insider threats
Data privacy and security
Incident response capability
Information security assessments

Digital Media Analytics

Pedro Ferreira

Pedro Ferreira, Assistant Professor of Information Systems

Big data analytics in digital markets
Consumption of information goods
TV, VoD streaming and piracy
Peer influence in social networks
Spillovers in ICT-related markets
ICTs and student performance
Telecommunication markets
Ari Lightman

Ari Lightman, Professor of Digital Media and Marketing

Digital transformation
Measuring social media
Emerging technologies
Social networks in regulated markets
Generation Z
Disruption in the workplace
Diffusion of knowledge in collaborative systems
Michael Smith

Michael Smith, Professor of Information Technology and Marketing

Consumer behavior in online markets
Digital media markets
Movie/DVD releases
TV production
Streaming services
Technology and entertainment 
Studios and labels
Advertising effectiveness
Rahul Telang

Rahul Telang, Professor of Information Systems

Economics of digitization
Technology and entertainment
Online piracy and streaming
Copyright & intellectual property
Online ads
Information security and privacy
Data breaches and cyberhacks
Disclosure laws
Healthcare IT and patient safety


Lee Bransetter

Lee Bransetter, Professor of Economics and Public Policy

Economics of technological innovation
Industrial organization
Economic growth in East Asia
Patent laws and intellectual property
Multinationals and technology
International trade and investment
International digital trade
Growth in the US economy
Brian Kovak

Brian Kovak, Assistant Professor of Economics and Public Policy

International trade and labor markets
Local wages and employment
Labor market and offshoring
Brazilian trade liberalization
Internal migration
Price indexes
Lowell Taylor

Lowell Taylor, Professor of Economics and Public Policy

Labor economics
Economic demography
LGBT populations
Minimum wage policy
Affirmative action in higher education
Incentives in the labor market
Racial disparity in unemployment


Karen Clay

Karen Clay, Professor of Economics and Public Policy

Climate change
Lead and child mortality
Energy and environmental economics
Oil and natural gas pipeline
Air pollution and health
Akshaya Jha

Akshaya Jha, Assistant Professor of Economics and Public Policy

Electricity markets
Coal markets
Transportation of energy
Financial trading of energy
Local pollution
Climate change
Environmental policy
Energy markets
Jeff Kupfer

Jeff Kupfer, Adjunct Professor

Energy policyTax policy
Edson R. Severnini

Edson R. Severnini, Assistant Professor of Economics and Public Policy

Energy and environmental economics
Economic history
Energy infrastructure
Environmental regulations
Air pollution and health
Climate change
Labor economics
Urban economics


Martin S. Gaynor

Martin S. Gaynor, Professor of Economics and Health Policy

Regulatory policies in healthcare
Antitrust and competition
Antitrust and the economy
Physician Incentives in HMOs
Consumer protection
Insurance mergers
Competition in healthcare markets
Economics of healthcare
Health policy and reform
Health insurance exchanges
Spending on healthcare
Mergers/acquisitions of hospitals
Drug prices and pharmaceuticals

Amelia M. Haviland, Professor of Statistics and Public Policy

Patient side of healthcare
Disparities and immunization rates
Employer-saving plans
High-deductible plans
Workplace wellness
Patient safety in medical malpractice claims
Healthcare insurance and behavior
Hot spot policing
Deterrent effect of the death penalty
James F. Jordan

James F. Jordan, Distinguished Service Professor of Healthcare & Biotechnology Management

Health systems
Healthcare marketing
Startups in healthcare
Venture investment
Healthcare policy
Healthcare management
Biotechnology management
Healthcare IT and operations
Rema Padman

Rema Padman, Professor of Management Science & Healthcare Informatics

Healthcare information systems
Confidentiality in healthcare databases
Healthcare informatics and analytics
Healthcare operations
Disease management
Healthcare delivery and providers
Healthcare technologies
Costs of healthcare
Electronic health records
Mobile health
Jeremy Weiss

Jeremy Weiss, Assistant Professor of Health Informatics

Machine learning for EHRs
Data to predict health of populations
Computer science and healthcare
Data to understand diseases

Information Technology

Vibhanshu Abhishek

Vibhanshu Abhishek, Assistant Professor of Information Systems

Digtial marketing analytics
Multi-channels retail
Consumer behavior, privacy and policy
Big data in marketing
Disruptive technologies in business
Sharing economics
Mobile health and wearable devices
Technology-enabled markets
Leman Akoglu

Leman Akoglu, Assistant Professor of Information Systems

Anomaly mining
Data streams
Data mining
Knowledge discovery
Network science
Machine learning
Pattern discovery
Fraud and event detection
David Choi

David Choi, Assistant Professor of Statistics and Information Systems

Statistics and machine learning
Social networks
Decision-making under uncertainty
Network data and data mining
Alexandra Chouldechova

Alexandra Chouldechova, Assistant Professor of Statistics and Public Policy

Applied statistics
Statistics in decision making
Statistical methodology
Predictive analytics in healthcare
Recidivism prediction
Fairness in machine learning
Black-box predictors
Ramayya Krishnan

Ramayya Krishnan, Dean of Heinz College and Professor of Management Science and Information Systems

Consumer behavior in digital environments
Telecommunications management
Business technology
Big data technology and policy
Smart cities
Risk management
Privacy and confidentiality
Beibei Li

Beibei Li, Assistant Professor of Information Systems and Management

Consumer decision-making
Consumer behavior online and offline
Responses to online reviews
Consumer behavior on search engines
Mobile health apps
Digital behavior in marketing
Digital behavior in healthcare
Technology and the travel industry
Digital behavior in transportation

International Relations

Silvia Borzutzky

Silvia Borzutzky, Teaching Professor of International Relations and Politics

Chilean politics
Chilean pension system
Chilean socioeconomic policies
Latin American politics
Poverty and inequality issues in Latin America
Latin America social policy
Comparative social security systems
Women and public policy
Human rights abuses
Human rights policies
Transitional justice policies
Joel Rubin

Joel Rubin, Adjunct Professor

National security
Middle East and Europe
Latin America
Congressional process
State Department
Global and foreign affairs
Government and policy
Politics and political strategy
Political campaigns
Business administration
Jewish affairs
Sustainable development


David Krackhardt

David Krackhardt, Professor of Organizations and Public Policy

Cognitive social structures
Network analysis
Organization structures and functions
Social networks
Organizational design
Communication networks
David Lassman

David Lassman, Distinguished Service Professor of Organizational Management

Organizational culture
Employee motivation
Strategy development
Leading change
Organizational structure
Employee motivation systems
Denise M. Rousseau

Denise M. Rousseau, University Professor of Organizational Behavior and Public Policy

Evidence-based management
Organizational change
Leadership and career development
Social enterprise and innovation
Organizational effectiveness
Performance management
Human Resource management
Employment relations
Multi-level organizational models
Tim Zak

Tim Zak, Associate Teaching Professor, Director of the Institute for Social Innovation

Social innovation
Emerging technologies
Corporate strategy
Innovation policy and competitiveness
Optimizing human performance
International business

Smart Cities

Alexandre Jacquillat

Alexandre Jacquillat, Assistant Professor of Operations Research and Public Policy

Air transportation industry
Models to improve transportation
Capacity planning and utilization
On-demand ride-sharing systems
Airport demand management
Electrified vehicles
Transportation logistics
Mark Kamlet

Mark Kamlet, University Professor of Economics and Public Policy

Economics of healthcare
U.S. healthcare systems
Impact of technology on jobs
Smart cities
Integrated health systems
Language technologies
Rick Stafford

Rick Stafford, Distinguished Service Professor

Engineering public policy change
Civic campaigns and reorganization
Legislative campaigns
Critical infrastructure
Smart transportation systems
The vehicle of the future
Public governance
Regional economic development
Education and workforce development